Welcome to Foti Stube

In the world of Foti Stube, two elementary concepts combine to create a unique experience. “Foti” – a synonym for photography and visual brilliance – combines with “Stube”, the Swiss German word for living room, that place of well-being and community.

At Foti Stube, photography is not just an image, but a window into emotions, stories and uniqueness. Our heart beats for first-class wall pictures, personal cell phone cases, mugs and water bottles created by various photographers.

Our mission is clear: to enrich your world with visual art. Every image you find here has been carefully selected to inspire your space and your thoughts. Our high-quality materials and the best image qualities ensure that your artwork shines just as it deserves.
But Foti Stube is not just about discovering, but also about creating. With our personalized phone case option, you can create your own masterpiece, a work of art that protects your smartphone and embodies your personality.

We attach great importance to quality and sustainability. We are therefore pleased to inform you that our products are always produced and shipped locally wherever possible. Whether in Switzerland or Europe, we rely on short delivery routes and support local artists and craftsmen.

We warmly invite you to explore our collection and become part of our Foti Stube community. We're not just about buying art, but also about creating memories and expressing your personality. We are your partner on your creative journey.

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